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Attestation Services in UAEThe United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a combination of the seven Emirates. All these seven Emirates are the fastest-growing by all means. To live, vocation, Education, etc people all over the world are attracted by the UAE and the lifestyle there. Since UAE has an eye-catching geographical placement the rush of people there is increasing day by day. But people from different countries want to go through various attestation services in the UAE. With the increasing migration, job seekers, and foreign business people, the importance of attestation is improvised in UAE. Attestation of certificates happens throughout the world for a variety of purposes.

When you move to the United Arab Emirates or the UAE it is a must to apply for a visa. But while applying for the visa, attestation is the most important procedure you have to go through. Whether it be for individual needs, experts need any other needs, depending on the need the attestation of documents also vary. The attestation is done for ensuring all your documents produced from your homeland are true and can be accepted in UAE. If any of your documents, certificates, or reports are not attested from your homeland and you use them for different needs in the UAE they are not valid and seen as a paper without value. There are procedures to be completed from your homeland but when you get into UAE and are unable to get any certificates attested Index Office Services will help you in the attestation procedures. Whether you be in or out of UAE we provide all Attestation Services in the UAE error-free and time-bound.

There are different types of attestation services in the UAE that we provide. UAE needs attestation for an educational certificate, Non-educational certificate, and commercial certificates. The procedures for getting these certificates attested are varied and difficult. As we all know the educational certificate attestation includes the attestation of all types of educational certificates like degree certificates, diploma certificates SSLC, HSC, etc. Non-educational certificates are personal documents like birth certificates, Marriage Certificates, death certificates, etc. whereas commercial certificates consist of the details and reports of your business, trade, etc.

While planning to reside, get a job, study, etc you will have to go through anyone or more certificate attestation in UAE of the above-mentioned certificates. The procedures of attestation are different for all the countries but in most cases, the documents required for the UAE attestation are the same. This can commonly include the original documents and passport copy. The attestation ar3 is mainly done to acquire education visas, residence visas, to sell or buy properties, open Bank accounts, etc. The departments to which you seek attestation related procedures will change depending on the type of documents. For educational documents, the attestation procedures will go through the Human Resource Department (HRD) or the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of the homeland, the UAE Embassy, and finally the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or MOFA. The last two entities for authentication are the same for all the documents but non-educational, the procedures start with the notary attestation than the Ministry of external affairs whereas for commercial documents the procedures start with the attestation by the chamber of commerce and then MEA.

Any of the attestation services in the UAE can be completed with the help of Index Office Services. We are experienced and can ensure you error-free attestation within a limited time.

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